Easy eco tips: 8 student tested ways to live a greener life

Everyone has a responsibility to do their part to protect Mother Nature. We are surrounded by options for living a cleaner and still largely stuck in this "food, purchase, consumption"

It's hard to get out of the hole than to dig one, well, unless it's a very deep hole. Here are some of the ways in which each student can do his part, with minimal disruption to his daily life

Avoid containers and plastic bags

If you live on campus or off campus, we all need food. To further reduce waste and avoid contact with chemicals in containers with recepts, try to eat when you can. In most cafes, there are dishes that can be used as an alternative to dumpsters. The same as we all know for plastic bags. Besides, the canvas bag is much more aesthetically pleasing

If the action containers are inevitable, try saving them instead of immediately recycling them. As a student of art, I think the plastic covers of the container make big paints and I use cups to keep water to clean my broom. There are plenty of ways to satisfy them

A walk, bicycle > public transit > machine

Leave the car at home. If you go too far or too cold for a bicycle (hi, winters), you can also make publicly available transit to help reduce emissions

Reuse the tutorials (and everything else)

When buying new textbooks every semester is expensive and wasteful. Most schools will use a bookshop that sells books at a much lower price. Also, see BookMb where you can search and

In addition, the reuse of furniture, films, clothes and any items that can be found in the store is a good option. The purchase of something in the student budget may be a difficult task. When it comes to furniture, antique markets and developing country warehouses have almost everything you need at lower prices

Recycled bottles

I know, I know. They all know everything. Yet somehow plastic bottles are still one of the largest sources of pollution in the world

You ever heard of the great Pacific kale? (ALL)

To buy processed. Duplex printing

The paper problem is complex. The forests will be cleared of the customary habit of paper, releasing the carbon that contributes to our ever-visible problem of air pollution, but the use of computers is not an option for all. In addition, the issue of e-waste is also becoming a serious problem. Even though your laptop might seem pretty harmless

Entering notes is a good idea. However, slow, mathematical and natural students who can write equations may not be able to do so. In this case, I recommend buying recycled paper and notebooks. I write all my notes

If you want to print a job, remember that printing on two sides of a piece of paper (printed on both sides of the sheet). And no, it's not a fight. It's a binder

Try using the chemical air freshman

Although I don't do it myself

Although I don't do it myself

Time for investment

You're on campus

Each campus will have a stand and a friendly team to help the environment. If this is what you are interested in, the association provides opportunities for education, as well as meetings with new people with similar interests. If not, try to log out of their events and display your support for the reason!

In addition, there are many online communities in which people must sign petitions, send letters and receive information about what is happening. They do everything from the struggle for the right to a healthy environment in order to stop the poaching of endangered species.

In the long list, I know, but I think people like options. Look who's right!

* Views expressed in respect of the author, and not necessarily for the "Student life" or their partners

Chloe Blair is the first year at the University of Waterloo. She is trying to make a decision between art history, English language and religion. In the end, she plans to be a professional barista in Starbucks