Unbelievable, abridged tale of how i became valictorian

I remember these cars driving home from school with my friends, talking about who in our class would make the best speech

It's funny that I never wanted to bid. I was in the shrapine from my eighth grade class in eighth grade. If I can't win, how can I win now?

But after the unexpected support of my friend, and convinced me that my friends convinced me very much, I decided to take a decision and fill in the application. Why not?

Two weeks later, my English teacher left me after class

She's blocking the bag. "Congratulations, you are one of the last four candidates for the farewell speech."

"It can't be," I gasped, not enlarged

She smiled. "Yes, yes!"

I met the other finalists after school at the final four-meeting. We were told that we had two days to write a speech that we would have read in the senior year. The vote starts the day after

In my speech, I worked furiously, ignoring all other homework to improve it. One of my friends wrote to me. Probably one of the candidates

Well, it's not just my fire

I refused to go second

I soon got up on stage with the other candidates. As the audience took the room into the conference room, we drew the numbers from the Tupperware container

Gary went first. I became the third

That's where I got a little bit of a bad situation. I just remembered my sweaty palms on my hake. It's about me

But Gary was the favorite. I was an understeer, and I had a lot of evidence

Before I realized, I was called to the podium

I heard my friends and my boyfriend yelling at me, but everybody else was just slapping politely

And without hesitation, I started. I was talking about how I'm not gonna be used until I'm convinced otherwise. And then I did what the others did not do: I treated their emotions, talked about nostalgia and how we grew up. Fearing the end of my speech, I saw people restrain their tears and their faces. But there were still unsure faces, and I had two lines left

It was now or never

I swear, the whole school is awesome. The men were knocking on their tables and shouting loudly

And it was all for me. I might have a chance

The next two weeks were incredibly nervous. I've had a lot of supporters, but I've heard a lot of people voting for Gary. It was cut into the neck

The winner was announced on Monday. And I was at home sick that day

My phone started ringing at 9:30 in the morning

"OMG BECCA!!!!!!"


I can't believe it. I had to call my friends to make sure

The other candidates also congratulated me

The following months were spent with the English teachers about my speech every other day. I had to rewrite it about ten times before prom. In fact, I'm still editing it with a blue pen in my chair, how the diplomas were transferred

After the cap and award had been completed, it was time for all of this hard work to be well-used. I went to the microphone, my head held high on my face

My speech was written as a story. I move from every assessment up to this point, and reminds the class that it does not lose itself in a world that does everything that makes them the same as everyone else

I ended up at this stage. I was myself. I learned of my weaknesses and used my powers to my advantage

And the SLNers, if there is a moral need to get out of this story, that's all. You never thought of yourself, not until the end. Don't forget who you are and what you are capable of

You can surprise yourself as much as I do

Baldwin Barbito

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Rebecca Tunney is studying anthropology at the University of Toronto in Mississauga. She is an ambitious writer, a vocalist, when necessary, a cupcake and a jack of all trades, but teaching something